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Helping you focus on what’s important.

At True Potential we have always been one step ahead. With our industry leading technology and dedicated support teams, we are always prepared for the many challenges that financial advisers face. From industry changes, such as Consumer Duty, to navigating challenging markets, our forward-thinking approach helps reduce the amount of administration and day to day work for our Wealth Management Partners. Allowing them to focus on what is important – giving exceptional advice.

What we give you

Award-winning technology.

Our proprietary back-office system works seamlessly with the True Potential Platform, enabling you to focus your time on providing advice rather than administration.

If you choose to work with us, both you and your clients will have access to our award-winning technology designed to deliver outstanding service at huge scale.

Our clients have 24/7 access to their own personal account available on both desktop and app as well as our award winning impulseSave® technology.

They also have access to unique benefits such as True Potential Rewards, where clients can earn cashback from over 4,000 of the UK’s biggest brands and even automatically invest their earnings to retire earlier.

Our technology is powered by machine learning, which enables us to hyper-personalise the way we engage with our clients. Every client gets an experience tailored exclusively to them, their needs and their long-term goals.

Award-winning technology.


Our in-house compliance team are focused on ensuring that True Potential Wealth Management remains up to date with FCA regulation, UK legislation, and Consumer Duty.

We provide our Wealth Management Partners access to an industry leading training platform at no cost. This ensures that advisers can continue to deepen their knowledge and effectively keep up to date with their CPD.

Additionally, we run regular adviser webinars sharing the latest in regulatory developments to make sure you are always aware of what is changing within your industry.


General support.

When you join us we will invite you to a four day training course at our Head Office in Newcastle. During the course all of our Wealth Management Partners receive full and comprehensive training on the True Potential system and processes, both for new business and for providing ongoing advice.

Our dedicated and award-winning support team are here for you when you need us for any technical and administrative support.

Last year we handled:


phone calls




live chats


secure messages


Our Technical Planning Team was set up to help Wealth Management Partners manage their workload. In essence we take the stress out of building recommendations for your clients.

You can rely on us to interpret and sensibly apply the latest technical, regulatory, and legislative developments in the paraplanning work we do, and to make sure your cases are compliant to avoid delays, freeing you up to see more clients.

We can work on any case for you; this includes IHT planning and more complex cases providing that you hold the required internal licenses.

Intergenerational advice.

In order to protect our client’s financial legacies, our beneficiary service helps to build a relationship with the beneficiaries in advance while making the intergenerational transition of wealth easier post-bereavement.

The service is designed to help, support and guide loved ones through the often-complicated world of finances post bereavement. It also helps them to fully understand the investments and pensions they have been left, how best to deal with the associated fees, and ensure our clients’ legacy lives on through their beneficiaries.

Once activated, their personalised accounts act as a central hub for all beneficiary information, including their benefactor and the policy they’re set to inherit.

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