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Our specialist financial advisers can review your pensions and investments to create a bespoke retirement plan for your future.

We’re specialists inpension drawdown advice.

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Benefits of retirement planning and pension advice

Know how much you need to retire

Set up a plan to help reach your retirement goal

Manage your pension in retirement

Leave a meaningful legacy for your family

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Dedicated video, phone and email support

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A detailed retirement plan…

With life expectancy increasing year-on-year and people demanding ever higher standards of living, it’s never been more important to properly plan for life after work.

A detailed retirement plan will not only give you a goal to work towards, but help you get there too by recommending the most suitable pensions and investments for your circumstances.

Your plan should include the amount of money you want to retire with each year and the age you want to stop working. With these two key factors, you can begin to calculate from your current position how much you’ll need to invest each month to make your goal a reality.

With your plan in place, we can review all your current investment to ensure they are in line with your goal and helping you get there at the right pace. If it looks like you’ll fall short, we can recommend actions such as consolidation, top ups or regular contributions to make up the difference.

Similarly, if you have concerns about reaching tax allowances such as your Annual Pension Allowance or the Pension Lifetime Allowance, we can help make sure you aren’t paying more tax than you need to.

Each stage of your retirement planning journey will provide opportunities and challenges. However, the need for advice and financial planning will remain imperative for building retirement wealth, drawing it and passing it on to the next generation.

We can help you to understand your own situation and your retirement goals, and we will support you each step of the way.

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We’re specialists in pension drawdown advice.

Retirement planning and pension advice doesn’t end when you start withdrawing from your pension. Making sure you manage your withdrawals is an essential part of ensuring your pension lasts as long as you need it to.

Our team of qualified financial advisers provide pension drawdown advice to help you plan out and manage your withdrawals from the day you retire to leaving behind a legacy for your family.

As part of our service, we consider:

  • Access to tax-free cash and how much to withdraw
  • Whether you require guaranteed income, for example, through an annuity
  • Planning each phase of your retirement and how much you’ll be spending
  • Tax allowances and limits, to ensure you don’t overpay any taxes
  • Passing your pension to beneficiaries, free from Inheritance Tax.

Whether you are already withdrawing from your pension or planning for the future, we can recommend the most suitable solution for you.

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