More opportunities for investment growth with Advanced Diversification.

Over 14,000investment experts.

200 locationsaround the world.

Unrivalledglobal diversification.

More opportunities to maximise your returns.

We understand that you want two things from your investments, to maximise your returns and reduce risk. Our chosen investment solution, the True Potential Portfolios, aim to achieve both these goals whilst driving down costs.

The Portfolios use a pioneering approach known as Advanced Diversifications to find opportunities for growth that others can’t replicate. They do this by expertly blending tried-and-tested multi-asset investment strategies from a range of fund managers.

As part of your financial plan, we’ll recommend one or more True Potential Portfolios best suited to your personal circumstances and goals.

How we created Advanced Diversification

1. Simple Diversification

A basic mixture of equities, cash and bonds with limited range.

2. Multi-Asset Diversification

A much wider range of asset classes and geographic regions for greater diversification.

3. Advanced Diversification

A unique blend of multi-asset investment strategies from a range of expert Fund Managers.

Access to over 14,000 investment experts.

The True Potential Portfolios partner with world-renowned fund managers, providing access to over 14,000 investment professionals in 200 locations around the world, all working to grow your money. This unrivalled network of expertise reports directly to the True Potential Investments team, who manage the Portfolios against their objectives.


Experts: 890

Goldman Sachs

Experts: 1,937

Experts: 122


Experts: 781


Experts: 988

Columbia Threadneedle

Experts: 450

Close Brothers

Experts: 75


Experts: 345

True Potential Growth Aligned

Experts: 6


Experts: 2,411

Experts: 348

Experts: 165

More transparent performance.

With over five years of performance, the True Potential Portfolios have produced positive returns in a range of challenging markets.

The Portfolios contain all the funds within their risk category, meaning they are the most diversified of the range.

Jun 17 – Jun 181.5%2.2%3.6%5.4%7.7%
Jun 18 – Jun 192.5%3.1%3.7%4.2%3.2%
Jun 19 – Jun 200.8%0.3%-1.3%-1.3%-3.1%
Jun 20 – Jun 215.3%10.8%15.7%20.6%23.6%
Jun 21 – Jun 22-5.3%-6.6%-7.7%-7.4%-6.3%
Since Launch (01 Oct 15)16.3%27.2%38.3%53.1%64.4%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The + Portfolios provide exposure to funds outside their risk category to give greater opportunities for growth.

Cautious +Balanced +Growth +
Jun 17 – Jun 182.6%4.1%7.0%
Jun 18 – Jun 193.7%4.5%4.1%
Jun 19 – Jun 20-0.6%-0.7%-2.9%
Jun 20 – Jun 2111.9%15.5%20.6%
Jun 21 – Jun 22-7.0%-7.1%-7.4%
Since Launch (01 Oct 15)22.7%43.7%53.1%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The Income Portfolios are designed for clients who wish to take a monthly income from their investment.

Cautious IncomeBalanced Income
Jun 17 – Jun 180.9%2.0%
Jun 18 – Jun 194.1%3.3%
Jun 19 – Jun 20-2.7%-3.7%
Jun 20 – Jun 2114.6%16.5%
Jun 21 – Jun 22-4.0%-5.2%
Since Launch (01 Oct 15)34.1%37.0%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Our fees.

We believe in keeping fees simple, transparent and great value for money. We’ll talk you through all costs before you sign up and you’ll always be able to see them in your account.

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