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Inheritance Tax Planning & Advice

Our specialist financial advisers can help with tax efficient planning and maximising Inheritance Tax allowances in the future.

Date last reviewed: May 2nd, 2024

We’re specialists intax and inheritance advice.

True Potential are trustedby more than 528,000 investors.

£30 billion invested on the True Potential Platform.

Benefits of tax and inheritance advice.

Ensure your money is invested tax efficiently

Make the most of your tax allowances

Maximise windfalls or inheritances

Pass on more of your money to your beneficiaries

How we offer you more.

Dedicated video, phone and email support

Award-winning technology to track your money 24/7

What is tax planning?

Making sure your money is invested tax efficiently is a vital part of any financial plan as it can help to ensure that you are making the most of your allowances.

Most types of investment accounts come with their own rules and tax allowances attached, from a simple £20,000 annual ISA allowance to more complex rules if you’re a high net-worth individual.

Keeping track of these can be difficult but making sure you use them correctly can save you money every tax year. That’s why our recommendations consider the most tax efficient ways for you to save and invest your money.

What is inheritance tax planning?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning is a necessary part of your Tax Planning journey. By planning ahead, you can potentially save your family thousands of pounds in Inheritance Tax when you die and ensure that your wealth in preserved for future generations.

How can you reduce your Inheritance Tax bill?

  • Through careful planning
  • An up-to-date will
  • Seek professional advice
  • Lifetime gifts
  • Trusts

The various solutions have different timescales and risk profiles, so it’s important to seek advice to ensure a solution is appropriate for you.

If you would like to see if your estate may be liable to Inheritance Tax, use our Inheritance Tax calculator. If you would prefer to discuss your potential Inheritance Tax requirements with an expert, get in touch today.

We’re specialists in tax and inheritance advice.

Keeping a close eye on all the tax allowances available to you can be tough, especially as your wealth builds over time and you begin to use up your ISA and Pension allowances.

Our qualified financial advisers can review all your accounts and create a bespoke plan that makes the most of your tax allowances and maximises the amount your beneficiaries can inherit.

As part of our service, we consider:

  • The most tax-efficient options available to you
  • Whether you require guaranteed income, for example, through an annuity
  • Ways to mitigate a potential Inheritance tax bill
  • Planning ahead to reduce tax on your beneficiaries
  • Income, Capital Gains, Corporation and any other relevant taxes to you

Whether you’re expecting or passing on an inheritance, planning is essential to avoid an unnecessary tax bill. No matter what stage of your investment journey you’re at, we’re here to help you reach your financial goals and recommend the most suitable options for you.

Ready to do more with your money?

If you’d like to find out if our service is right for you and how we can help you do more with your money, please get in touch. There’s no obligation and our friendly team will talk you through your options. Alternatively, you can begin your investment journey yourself using the ‘start investing’ button below.

Brought to you by True Potential Wealth Management.

True Potential Wealth Management offers restricted financial advice. Our service is specifically designed for clients wishing to access their financial affairs online. With investing your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you could get back less than you invest. Tax is subject to an individual’s personal circumstances, and tax rules can change at any time.

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